preparing-walls-for-paintPreparation is the most important and time consuming part of the job.

  • Make sure all surfaces are clean prior to starting, if grease or mold is present, this must be removed
  • Protect all areas & furniture with drop sheets
  • Make sure cracks and imperfections are filled and plastered.
  • Sand any rough areas
  • Don't forget that these areas will require an undercoat/primer
  • If changing colours from deep based tones to lighter tones, undercoat prior to painting

Cans and brushIt is always a wise decision to test your potential colour choices before painting the entire room.  
Purchase paint samples, you will then have a good idea of the actual color.
 **Make sure you apply 2 x coats to a sample board.  Place the painted board in all areas of the room over a 24 to 48 hour period by taping it to the wall with masking/painting tape.  You want to see the colour at different  times of the day, and in the evening with artificial light.


Using light-coloured interior paints:
 Lighter colours improve daylight levels inside your home, as well as creating a light
and airy feel. This is also important if you are planning on preparing your property for either rental or selling...
Neutral colours also appeal to the buyer/renter so they can put their own "touch" to the decor
making it more marketable!!




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